Upcoming Event

  • 11 - 13 August 2017

Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel

The second edition of  ART STAGE Jakarta will take place from 11 to 13 August 2017 at the Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel.

Indonesia is Southeast Asia's most dynamic and creative contemporary art scene and ART STAGE Jakarta is the world's platform to discover and engage with its artists, collectors and galleries. 


2017 Fair Programme

An Award For Indonesia

ART STAGE Jakarta is proud to present the inaugural Indonesian Award for Authenticity, Leadership, Excellence, Quality, Seriousness in Art. Initiated by top collector Alex Tedja and conceptualised and organised by ART STAGE Jakarta, the Award recognises the best of the best across the entire art industry of Indonesia, acknowledging the tremendous creativity, passion, commitment, ideas and concepts of the Indonesian art world. 

A Gala Award Ceremony will take place at the grand auditorium of the Institut Francais d’Indonesie on 10 August where 13 award categories will be presented. Winners will receive a trophy specially created by Indonesian artist Handiwirman Saputra.

ART STAGE Jakarta Week

ART STAGE Jakarta Week will be the first-of-its-kind art event in Jakarta that gathers various activities together in one week celebrating art. With the Fair as an anchor event, ART STAGE Jakarta Week will position and promote Jakarta as a stunning and internationally competitive art capital. Bringing together a diverse range of activities and events by various cultural institutions, ART STAGE Jakarta Week shows the richness of the cultural landscape in Indonesia and the growing dynamism of Jakarta’s art calendar.

Among others, the Galeri Nasional Indonesia, the Museum MACAN, the Museum Seni Rupa & Keramik, the Art:1 New Museum, the Goethe-Institut Jakarta, the Istituto Italiano di Cultura, the Institut Français d'Indonésie and the Erasmus Huis will be presenting exhibitions, art talks, workshops, art tours and other such events. Special exhibitions and events will also be taking place at many local galleries in the city such as ROH Projects, D Gallerie, Redbase Art, Can’s Gallery, Nadi Gallery, Sunrise Art Gallery, RUCI Art Space, Salihara Gallery, CGArtspace. 

For the full programme, click here.

The Art Square, an initiative by ART STAGE

As a fair whose mission is to foster the Indonesian art scene, this new section of the Fair offers art institutions, organisations, art groups, young galleries, education centres and non-profit groups a chance to participate in an art fair. For many such organisations, participation in art fairs is generally beyond their means, given the costs involved. However, in line with ART STAGE Jakarta’s mission, the Fair launched the new initiative—The Art Square—that would allow such organisations to take part in the Fair.This is an important step for ART STAGE Jakarta to involve the art ecosystem of Indonesia, making it an exceptional art fair that is for the entire Indonesian art scene, from the established players to the young and up-and-coming ones.


Off The Wall Jakarta: Europe - ASEAN

ART STAGE Jakarta presents Off The Wall Jakarta: Europe - ASEAN, an exhibition in which urban artists from two different parts of the world - Europe and Southeast Asia - come together to present innovative urban art. Understanding how urban art has added vibrancy and life to urban centres of the world, the exhibition brings together street artists from Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Slovakia with artists from Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. 

For more details, click here.


SPIRIT TODAY Collector's Show

With the success of the first edition of Indonesian young collectors’ show NO PAINTING TODAY in 2014, this group of collectors will be showcasing their collections in this second edition. In contrast to the previous exhibition to show collecting is beyond painting, this edition will focus more on the variety and diversity in representing in-depth knowledge, ideology and philosophy in collecting contemporary art. SPIRIT TODAY will present collections from Arif Suherman, Wiyu Wahono, Nicholas Tan, Indra Leonardi and Tom Tandio.


Special Project: Double Deer

Double Deer is a collective of Indonesian artists and musicians whose works are a combination of art, music and science. Their work revolves around the tension between real and synthesized experiences - questioning our relationship with technology, and the experiences that transcend beyond physical.

For more details, click here.




  • Mr. Deddy KUSUMA
  • Mr. Haryanto ADIKOESOEMO
  • Dato M. Noor AZMAN
  • Dr. Ir. CIPUTRA
  • Ms. Rina CIPUTRA Sastrawinata
  • Mr. Budi HARYONO
  • Mrs. Alexandra PRASETIO
  • Mr. Lo Hengky SENJAYA
  • Dr. Melani W. SETIAWAN
  • Mr. Ferry SUDJONO
  • Mr. Laksamana SUKARDI
  • Mr. Syakieb A. SUNGKAR
  • Mr. Alexander TEDJA
  • Mr. Prasodjo WINARKO


  • Mr. Tom TANDIO
  • Ms. Fenessa ADIKOESOEMO
  • Mr. Bill CHENG
  • Mr. Nathan GUNAWAN
  • Ms. Yohana IRAWAN
  • Mr. Konfir KABO
  • Mr. Indra LEONARDI
  • Ms. Christina LIM
  • Ms. Priscilla MASAGUNG
  • Mr. Sigit NUGROHO
  • Mr. Jeyson PRIBADI
  • Ms. Christine RADJIMIN
  • Mr. Erastus RADJIMIN
  • Ms. Susan SANTOSO
  • Ms. Natasha SIDHARTA
  • Ms. Winda Malika SIREGAR
  • Ms. Marissa SOERYAJAYA
  • Mr. Arif SUHERMAN
  • Ms. Noorani SUKARDI
  • Ms. Imelda Dharma TEDJA
  • Mr. Reggie W
  • Mr. Wiyu WAHONO
  • Mr. Yudi WANANDI
  • Mr. Michael WIDYANTO
  • Mrs. Janti BRASALI


  • Mrs. Maria LUKITO
  • Mr. Roland ADAM
  • Mr. Lal DE SILVA
  • Mrs. Jais DARGA
  • Mrs. Puri HADIPRANA
  • Mr. Hauw Ming
  • Ms. Sabrina JOSEF
  • Mrs. Coreta KAPOYOS
  • Mrs. Patty KAUNANG
  • Mrs. Roslinda KWEE
  • Mrs. Farah QUINN
  • Ms. Dina RIMANDRA
  • Ms. Kinez RIZA
  • Mrs. Rina SALIM
  • Mrs. Millie Stephanie
  • Mrs. Inti SUBAGIO
  • Mr. Ted SULISTO
  • Mrs. Mien R UNO
  • Mrs. Lee Yen WIJAYA
  • Mr. Steven YEO
  • Mrs. Anna BAMBANG
  • Mrs. Cin-Cin CHANDRA
  • Mrs. Debbie ROBERT
  • Mrs. Desiree SITOMPOEL
  • Ms. Fitri WAHAB
  • Mr. Erlangga BOENAWAN
  • Mrs. L. SHINTA
  • Mrs. Melsiana TJAHYADIKARTA
  • Mrs. Renitasari ADRIAN
  • Mrs. Sherly WORTH
  • Mrs. Jessica SENJAYA
  • Mrs. Stella RISA
  • Ms. Annette ANHAR
  • Mrs. Linda PERWATA
  • Mme. Yulie Nasution GRILLON
  • Mrs. May FARIDA
  • Ms. Tina SUTANTO
  • Ms. Jasmine PRASETIO
  • Ms. Raline SHAH
  • Mrs. Dewi MAKES
  • Mr. Justin DOEBELE
  • Mrs. Tinny SOEGOMO
  • Mrs. Maria MARDJUKI
  • Mrs. Ratih Soe KOSASIE
  • Mrs. Shinta OMAR
  • Ms. Katiana SELOPRANOTO
  • Mrs. Rosa Rai DJALAL
  • Mr. Sebastian GUNAWAN
  • Mrs. Debora CAROLINE
  • Mrs. Catharina WIDJAJA
  • Ms. Vanessa KALANI
  • Mrs. Dian M MULJADI
  • Mrs. Ayu ROSAN
  • Mrs. Dr. Deby VINSKI
  • Mrs. Margaret VIVI
  • Mr. Ishak CHANDRA
  • Mrs. Lince SELOPRANOTO
  • Mr. Brian YAPUTRA
  • Mrs. Nazly Parlindungan SIREGAR
  • Ms. Sabrina JOSEPH
  • Mr. Aldrin TANDO