Off The Wall Jakarta: Europe-ASEAN

ART STAGE Jakarta presents Off The Wall Jakarta: Europe - ASEAN , an exhibition in which urban artists from two different parts of the world - Europe and Southeast Asia - come together to present innovative urban art. Understanding how urban art has added vibrancy and life to urban centres of the world, the exhibition brings together and juxaposes street artists from Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, with artists from Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. 

Among the participating artists are well-known names from the international urban art scene such as Seth Globepainter from France, Bates from Denmark, Chekos Art from Italy and Egg Fiasco from the Philippines, to name a few. The works of the iconic Banksy and Invader will also be featured in this exhibition.

Participating Artists

• Alias 2.0 (Cambodia)
• Alex Face (Thailand)
• Antz (Singapore)
• Banksy (England)
• Bates (Denmark)
• Boogie (Germany)
• Ceet (France)
• Checkos Art (Italy)
• Colorz (France)
• Darbotz (Indonesia) 
• Egg Fiasco (Philippines)
• Farhan Siki (Indonesia)
• FenX (France)
• Gilbert (France)
• Invader (France)
• Jaba (Belgium)
• Katre (France)
• Katun (Malaysia)
• Lazoo (France)
• Mag1 (Spain)
• Mist (France)
• Seth Globepainter (France)
• Sleeck (Indonesia)
• Spendlo (Slovakia)
• Soni Irawan (Indonesia)
• Stereoflow (Indonesia)
• Tilt (France)
• TraseOne (Singapore)
• Tuts (Indonesia)
• Tuyuloveme(Indonesia)
• Wormo (Indonesia)

Off The Wall Jakarta: Europe - ASEAN is curated by Claire Thibaud-Piton and presented by ALLCAPS Gallery.