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Wake her up to the smell of her favorite breakfast. On the tray, have a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Take one and lightly outline her face and body with it to gently arouse her from her sleep. When she begins to awaken, gently kiss her lips, cheeks, nose and eyelids as you tell her what she means to you.

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If your friend has only been asleep for two hours, but you are responsible for getting her out of bed, there are several ways you can make waking up more

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Best Ways To Wake Up Your Lover. Most people hate getting up in the morning. The fairytale way with a kiss! Make them breakfast in bed. Playfully tickle them with a feather. Cuddle closer and tell them how much you love them. Sneakily put some jewelry on her that you know she's been wanting for a while. Send them a.

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I like morning pleasure so the best way to wake me up is with a horizontal mambo, but other That will give you your clue without asking her. 7. You were the first thing I thought about this morning. 8. I had the sweetest dream about you last night. 9. I wish I was waking up to your smile.